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Can my business compete with the big boys?

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In short, yes! You’re business can compete with the large companies who have got SEO for their websites. Simply put, alot of large businesses launch their websites without much knowledge of SEO or Internet Marketing. They are unaware of the strategies and tactics involved in achieving the high rankings for keywords that will mean success online! Certain big companies believe that they’re brand name alone will be enough to allow them to gain market share. So,when you search your main keywords in Google, what websites pop up first?Is it a big corperate player? A slick new-comer? An old veteran? Well you know what, it doesn’t matter about WHO the site is. What matters is HOW WELL they have gone about their SEO strategy.The big ‘intimading’ real-life corperate giants might turn out to be SEO-pushovers!

Here are a couple of simple ways you can determine whether or not you are going up against SEO rookies or seasoned veterans:

Check how many back-links they have
Backlinks are one of the main factors of a good ranking.Google the keywords you would like to compete for and analyse the number 1 and 10 ranking websites (beating number 10 means you are on the 1st page!). Find out how many back-links your competition has by inserting their URL’s into the MarketLeaps Link Tool. Alternatively, you can type this command into Google to check backwards links link: Not all links are created equal though! Check out if any of your competitors links come from any websites with real authority. For example,an online computer store with a link from Microsoft (that will be the day!) is sitting pretty.

How is their site structured? Here are some factors of your competitor’s site structure to analyze,.

  • Do they have a sitemap?>(Sitemaps are great for SEO)
  • Have the included their main keywords in the title tag?
  • Do their hyperlinks contain their keywords?
  • Do they use keywords early and often within the body text?
  • Do they have <h1> and <h2> header tags that contain the right keywords within their html code?

Enlist some help! It can be a bit of a daunting task to analyze just how competitive the market your business wants to target is. So if you’re stuck or want some help,contact us and we will be glad to talk about your chances of knocking over the big-boys!

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  • ***Dewaji - SEO Baby*** says: posted on 02 Jul, 2008

    great tips.
    How about relevant backlink ? do we have to find relevant backlink to beat our competitors ?

  • ***anup*** says: posted on 28 Aug, 2008

    Yes Dewaji, finding relevant backlinks is important. It takes a lot of patience and effort to identify contextually relevant sites and obtain backlinks from them. If they are webdirectories, then one can simply make a submission. Otherwise, one can write to the webmaster of the site requesting for a back-link.


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