Gaga for Google algorithm changes: 2016


Google Loves You: Algorithm Changes in the Last 12 Months

Penguins, pandas, pigeons and hummingbirds – Google’s algorithm updates could easily be confused with some sort of exotic cyber zoo. Yes, modern day SEO can seem […]
10 Commandments of Modern Day SEO

Google’s Gospel: 10 Commandments for Modern Day SEO

It’s essential to religiously abide by the rules ascribed by Google and His disciples (such as Matt Cutts); but there are a few devious sinners out […]

Google changes it’s algorithm-Yet again!

Google is constantly refining it's search algorithm to improve searcher experience. To check how your website will get impacted as a result of this change, talk to us!

New Google-More exciting than ever!

Google’s new search engine algorithm, Google Caffeine, is all set to change the way websites acquire and maintain search engine rankings. Websites that publish frequent fresh […]