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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Are you in a position where users online can find you on the first page of Google organic results for searches directly related to your product or service? At the end of the day, your competitive offering is worthless if people can’t find you! An SEO is vital to your digital marketing strategy to expose your brand and drive high-volume, high-quality traffic that is sustainable over the long-term. Read more

Sadly, some SEO providers and Internet marketing services push quick-fix gimmicks that do not actually yield the sales and inquiries necessary towards securing ROI. Google algorithms change constantly and you need a proactive, ongoing strategy to avoid slipping down in the rankings. And this is where we come in.

Arrow Digital is a full-service agency that tackles all aspects of digital marketing. We are based in Melbourne, but the beauty of the digital space means allows our firm to provide professional SEO and Internet marketing services to a company in the tough Sydney market, as well as service businesses in regional Australia from Victoria to QLD.

As the online Internet marketing company of choice, we are the Australian SEO services leader backed by over a decade of experience in giving both start-ups and SMEs the competitive edge to dominate Google search rankings at a very low cost. We are proud of how we help improve Australian business’ stakeholder engagements and we’ve witnessed their ROI soar to new heights. We are ideally sized with the reputation and capacity to handle complex, high-revenue campaigns but small enough that our clients feel like they’re not ‘just another number’.

Our close-knit team of 20 digital specialists live and breathe marketing and take genuine delight in growing businesses’ revenue. We work tenaciously to get you results and won’t rest until you are satisfied; and even then we will continue to push for ways to further optimise and add value to your digital strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation or Optimization (SEO) services has become a populated landscape in Australia, with many start-ups competing against established marketing service companies in capital cities Melbourne and Sydney. Indeed, consumers are spoilt for choice picking an SEO provider. Unfortunately, to compensate for a lack of long-term client experience, some operations have developed gimmicks to attract sales. It may be tempting, but don’t fall victim to these traps. A popular tactic doing the rounds is “don’t pay till you rank on page 1″. Sure, you may technically reach that page 1 placement, but is it for the right, competitive keywords that will actually translate into more enquiries and sales, and can it be sustained over the long-term?

Arrow offers unrivalled, professional dedication to SEO, our flagship service. Our approach succeeds because it is founded on a detailed understanding of your goals and the expectations of your audience. It succeeds because we know Google search listings inside and out and how to appease Google toward page 1 dominance. We are intuitive and proactive search engine marketing professionals that don’t lose sight of the importance of the buyer journey, sales funnel and conversion pathway. This means we aren’t content with achieving a 1st page showing alone; we want to ensure that you are rewarded with the accompanying enquiries and sales to secure that return on investment.

As a proud performance-based agency, we let the results speak for themselves and do not believe in lock-in contracts. Our ability to deliver success is reflected in the fact that 65% of our clients have stayed on board for at least 3 years.

At Arrow Digital we are fully confident in our ability to find the winning formula currently eluding you. Let us show you how – contact us for a no-obligation chat.

SEO Service Packages


Who is it for?

Your business is seeking maximum visibility on search engines and services a local market to secure brand exposure in and around the suburbs.

Our digital marketing and SEO services include:

  • Keyword research/recommendations
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Content Strategy
  • Backlink Creation
  • Ongoing Optimisation
  • Monthly SEO Progress Reporting

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Who is it for?

Your business or firm is marketing nationally, seeks maximum search engine visibility, and offers a wide array of products and services in mid to high level competition.

Our digital marketing and SEO services include:

  • Keyword research/recommendations
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Content Strategy
  • Backlink Creation
  • Ongoing Optimisation
  • Monthly SEO Progress Reporting
  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup
  • Monthly Blog Content and Copywriting
  • Quarterly Business Strategy Sessions

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Case Study



  • Increase brand awareness of Kidspot to become a household name amongst parents
  • Increase organic traffic volume, page views, and time spent on site
  • Increase advertising revenue



Arrow devised a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy for Kidspot to support their aim of becoming Australia’s most popular parenting resource…

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Why Choose Arrow?

We’re Australia’s leading Internet marketing SEO company for a reason!

Agile Approach

Evolving & flexible to meet changing market demands. We respect and listen to our clients to carefully tailor a campaign that supports their current and future needs.

Results Driven

A proud, proven track record of delivering exceptional ROI. Our results speak for themselves – no lock in contracts required.

Customer Affinity

An agency with a heart that truly delights in our clients’ prosperity. We live and breathe marketing and will go that extra mile for your business.

Strong Track Record

10 Years’ industry experience across a diverse and high-profile client base. $780 million profit added to our clients’ bottom line across 27 industries.

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For websites new and old, for a firm big or small, from Sydney and Melbourne to rural Australia, amp up the success rate of your web content with SEO services from a company who knows the strategy behind clicks and sales.

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