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3 Tips no SEO can afford to ignore

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  • User Generated Content :  If a website does not get any content in the form of comments,reviews etc from readers, it will fall behind in the web 2.0 world. We created a forum on some of our  client websites and once they picked up momentum, the effect on SEO was electrifying. In one such case, we were able to get massive traffic to the website as a result of the forum conversations coming up on top ranks of Google.
  • Blogs :  Blogs are a great way of boosting SEO rankings. If you enjoy writing and have an expressive streak, then why not post regular facts, figures, opinions and rants on your website blog. As your blog develops a readership, comments will come in and your website traffic will soar
  • Social Media Marketing :  Posting articles which get bookmarked because they are useful, controversial or interesting is a sure way of getting high quality backlings and increasing web traffic. Videos are a great way of promoting a website in different social media channels. From image sharing sites like flickr to video sharing sites like you tube, the web experience is shifting away from just text. Smart SEO’s stay switched on with the latest trends and leverage them to to generate relevant traffic and links. Social Media Marketing is evolving every day and a cocktail of methods may not be the best method for every website. A good Social Media Plan will be based on an analysis of the target market, the campaign objectives, the message and then choose relevant social media to propogate the message and generate a following

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