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7 easy steps to search engine optimisation

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  1. Hire a high quality SEO Copywriter. Get him/her to write perusasive content with the right concept density. Yes, concept density and not keyword density because google is smart enough to detect keyword stuffing and looks for related content.
  2. Find an SEO Company to do high quality onpage optimisation on your website. If they do offpage work, see samples of links created, articles written, articles posted and rankings achieved.
  3. Write online press-releases and distribute them using well known newswires.
  4. Keep adding fresh content on your website. To make it easier, add a blog
  5. Add RSS Feeds to your blog to syndicate content. This will get you both traffic and quality links
  6. Make your website engaging to the user through interactive tools, resources, whitepapers etc
  7. Tap the power of social networks (more on this in the next post)

Off course, if you have the budgets and you want to get everything under one roof, call us for an SEO Consultation NOW and get ready to dominate search engine rankings

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