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7 unbeatable ways to monetise twitter

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Twitter is becoming increasingly popular and a number of people have created twitter accounts to enhance social networking. Here are 7 unbeatable ways to monetise twitter for yourself. No, this post is NOT about how twitter can monetise itself, I am sure they will do a Great job at it! :

  • Offer specials on your website and direct your twitter followers to them using links.
  • Offer coupons on twitter which interested prospects can redeem on your website
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your area by offering useful information and resources (linked from your twitter updates)
  • Promote events run by your company e.g, seminars, webinars etc on twitter
  • Promote some other product/service you believe in as an affiliate
  • Link your updates to your blog posts. This will have SEO value for your blog!
  • Make your updates keyword rich so that they get picked up by Google

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