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7 Ways to fast track seo results

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You have been getting SEO done on your website for many months. Even then, competitors are taking the clicks away and your site is not on top of Google Results. If this sounds like you, then read on…..

1. How frequently does the content on your website change. If the content on your website has become stale, then your returning visitors will be low and site rankings will go down

2. Have you got any resources, tools etc on your website to engage your customers. Caution, if you are going to make tools, don’t use heavy flash content

3. How much is the loading time of your website? If it takes more than 25 seconds to load, you are not going to make it to page 1. Check the bandwidth of your server and make sure the pages are not too heavy

4. Check your internal links. Very often, opportunities for internal linking have not been expoited completely.
When creating internal links, make sure that they use proper ‘anchor text’. This will give immediate seo benefits :)

5. Use bold & strong fonts to highlight the keywords that you want to be ranked on. Caution : Don’t overdo this

6. Check the external or backlinks of your competitors. You will get some clever insights from them.

7. Look for Government bodies, educational institutions, councils and media sites from which you can get backlinks. A good way of doing this is to provide them with useful information or resources.

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  • ***Dr Andrew Power*** says: posted on 09 Apr, 2009

    This is an extremely helpful post anup. Great reminders of those things NOT to do that you often see everyone else happily doing (such as full flash websites).


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