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Combining Facebook with Instagram for Optimum Results

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An effective social media strategy encompasses multiple channels. Usually, the most successful online brands combine a lethal mix of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

For many new business owners who not only run their companies but act as the entire marketing team also, tackling all of the above is a massive task!

Instead of focusing on the quantity of your social media assets, you should be looking at quality. Choose a couple of social media platforms and focus on them.

In most cases, some platforms work best when coupled with others. This means that if you’re only considering two or three platforms, you need to be strategic when selecting them.

For example, Facebook should be paired with Instagram to generate brand awareness and increase clicks to website.

Here is a great example of how Facebook & Instagram can work together to achieve great results:

Recently, Mercedes-Benz rolled out an innovative campaign which saw them combine their Instagram and Facebook advertising.

This campaign was a first and had not been done previously by any other advertiser.

Mercedes-Benz wanted to boost awareness of their new GLA compact SUV and spark a conversation in the lead up to its launch.

They started the hashtag #thingsorganizedneatly where they invited their Instagram followers to post images of all kinds of themes (from books to flowers and pencils) organised neatly in interesting ways.

To boost their website traffic, Mercedes-Benz then used the power of Facebook ads.

They used consistent messages on both platforms, using Instagram to build awareness and Facebook to drive action.

The figures show that when Facebook ads were added to the campaign, Mercedes-Benz saw a 580% lift in visits to the site!

This is a huge figure which highlights just how important it is to use the right platforms together to achieve the best possible results!



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  • ***Neil McNulty*** says: posted on 01 Jul, 2015

    Facebook is one of the top social media platform at present scenario. And combining instagram with social media can give a massive performance. It can even help you for your goal conversion.

    • ***admin*** says: posted on 23 Jun, 2016

      Yes exactly Neil! Thanks for sharing.


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