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A day in the life of an SEO Professional

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Wakes up in the morning with thoughts of websites and spiders. Has a strong cup of coffee to refresh himself. Works mid morning on fixing errors, finding links and writing copy. Talks to a project managers/clients giving them reassurance that results will be coming. Some others call him to thank for the rankings which just came. Reads on the web that Google has changed the rules and will change the rules more often…Gets off work for a few hours at night and tries to free his mind from the world of bits & bytes, search engine spiders and 404 errors, bouquets & brickbats…..That’s the life of an SEO Professional :)

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  • ***John*** says: posted on 10 Jan, 2009

    So true – except you could have made the article much longer about the huge efforts an SEO has to put into research on keywords, anchors etc.

  • ***anup*** says: posted on 10 Jan, 2009

    I agree…the SEO has to put huge efforts in keyword research, anchor text selection, researching appropriate internal and external linking, configuring and analysing google analytics etc.


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