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DIY SEO.When is it a good choice?

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Do you want to optimise your website yourself to get top rankings on search results? Are you feeling unsure as to whether you will be able to do it or not? Here are a few simple questions that will help you find the answer?

  • What is your cash flow situation? If you are tight on budget, it may be advisable to take a few hours of consultation from an SEO expert and do the work yourself.
  • How competitive is your industry and how many searches are being made online? If you are in a competitive industry like travel or finance, it is not advisable to go the DIY route. Chances are that your competition would have hired experts whereas you would still be learning.
  • Do you enjoy coding, writing content, making blog posts and reading up on the latest developments in SEO. If so, you are well positioned to do the work yourself!
  • How much time do you have to spend optimising your website? SEO is a rigorous, time consuming process and demands ongoing effort. If you think you will be able to take out atleast a few hours per week to focus on your website, you are best off leaving it to the experts.

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There are 3 comments. on "DIY SEO.When is it a good choice?"


  • ***SEOP*** says: posted on 17 Jun, 2010

    Thanks for the tips. These will definitely help me with my campaigns.

  • ***Cemil*** says: posted on 02 Jul, 2010

    For many small businesses it can be financially difficult to engage the expertise of an SEO company. That is when it is great if such company’s offer packages to a small business owner which they can take and implement on their own (like a DIY Home SEO Kit).

    This way the small business owner has gained a level of knowledge and you have helped a potential future client.

  • ***Hurrah Productions*** says: posted on 20 Jul, 2010

    Doing SEO by yourself I would imagine is ok. I wouldn’t do this though. As I do have a budget to play with, I would rather invest in using someone with a proven degree of expertise; its a business service best left to the experts!


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