SEO for Flash Websites

Google has started crawling and indexing flash websites. The days of having to create hidden html pages to optimise flash websites are over. I remember when we were given a flash website to optimise two years back. We had to create an HTML version of the website and optimise it for the target keyphrases.A number of companies in entertainment, video, property etc have their websites in flash to provide a good visual experience.  They can now get top rankings without modifying the site. Isnt that brilliant? If you have a flash website, what are you waiting for? Talk to our SEO Consultant today and find out how to dominate google rankings NOW

Anup Batra
Anup Batra
My name's Anup Batra. I'm an engineer with an MBA and fourteen years of experience in web development, Google Adwords and online marketing. I have recently developed a revolutionary system for multi-channel marketing. Get in touch with me to find out more!

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