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Google changes it’s algorithm-Yet again!

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Google is constantly refining it’s search algorithm to improve searcher experience. This time it  has cracked down on content farms, who have been putting heaps of duplicate or low quality content on the web. These sites have been showing up for a number of search results. It is very frustrating when we are looking for a product on Google and we come across websites which have just given us theoretical definitions of the product instead of providing us the product or some useful information about where and how to get it. Content farms have been made by people who want to monetise the traffic coming to the website through advertising etc.

Even websites with poor search engine optimisation, which have multiple variants of the same content to get rankings artificially will be impacted as a result of this change, bringing up high quality websites which have quality and unique content.

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  • ***Mia Vesongi*** says: posted on 07 Mar, 2011

    Thanks for the great information.

    As google often changes its algorithms building a list is crucial for any business as it is so much easier than relying only on SEO or trying to rank in the search engines. Having great content or relevant information on your site is much better for your conversions too.


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