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Google search engine optimisation factors

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Google is changing the search engine optimisation factors yet again.

The next generation of google search is under construction, and is based on inputs from power searchers, aka the online community. What’s more, Google has released this new version

This is the easy part. Finding out what is being given emphasis in the new version is really the key to a successful search engine optimisation campaign

Here are few things, which according to Google will be given higher emphasis :

  • Speed : The speed with which a site can be indexed will play a very important role in it’s rankings. Heavy sites, with loads of images, video and flash, or sites on slow servers will fall down in rankings. Sites which have good CSS and a balance of text, images and rich media will improve in rankings.
  • Comprehensiveness :  Sites with detail about what searchers look for will be rewarded with higher rankings. Make sure that you add more variety to your content in line with what searchers may be looking for

Here’s what I think :

Links will still remain important but the weightage of links from directories and blog comments will reduce. Links from trusted sources like articles, press releases etc will still be valued and natural links from the linkerati including social bookmarks will be Gold. Time to stop wasting time creating heaps of low quality links. Time to write some meaningful content which will fascinate and engage.

What are your thoughts?

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  • ***john chen*** says: posted on 07 Sep, 2009

    Just saw your post on caffeine, I know its a little late to comment on this, but I’ve written a guest post on lilengine that explores caffeine in more detail. The post is here

    I think the fundemental difference which caffeine is going to effect SEO’s is how to optimize different types of media / content. I believe caffeine is going to have different ranking factors when it comes down to blogs , sites, real-time content, videos etc.


  • ***Machine Vision*** says: posted on 04 Jun, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this article.It is very useful.i read again and again.Thanks again.


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