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Google SEO : The rules are changing!

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I am glad that Google is changing the rules for SEO. If we look at the 7 major changes Google has made recently, the lessons are obvious :

  • Tap into the power of Google Universal. If your business is based locally, list it on Google Maps. If your industry has fast changing trends and insights, start a news section on your website. If you can create videos and upload them on your website, do so. This will turbocharge your SEO efforts.
  • You need user generated content on your website. Start a Blog and even better launch a forum to make your website more interactive
  • Put comprehensive content on your website.  Think about different information/tools etc your users may be interested in and provide it. This will help your website get more stickiness, reduce the bounce rate and improve it’s positioning as an authority site
  • Attract Links to your website, don’t buy them or get low quality links from hundreds of link exchanges. To attract links to your website, use smart methods to engage the linkerati (webmasters, siteowners etc) who decide to link to your website.
  • Write Articles or Colums in Newspapers/Magazines or Blogs. Blog owners need content as much as you need the visibility, so they will be glad if you can provide them with valuable content
  • Get visible on social media. Facebook, Twitter etc are very useful if you participate in the conversation in an active way. The secret for getting the right following on twitter is to tweet about topics of interest to interested people
  • Don’t be obsessed with rankings for a few keyphrases. Focus on quality traffic and conversions. Have a mania for metrics e.g, number of unique visitors, time on site, traffic sources, what parts of your site are getting clicked more frequently and what parts are getting ignored, which pages are converting better and use this data to make constant improvements.

Do all this and you can be sure that your SEO efforts will be rewarded well.

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  • ***Yesi Hill*** says: posted on 17 Jun, 2009

    Excellent blog with valuable tips! Thanks for posting :)

  • ***prabhjot*** says: posted on 23 Jun, 2009

    Hi Anup.

    I really like this post.. full of relevant information.And above all it actually justify the latest trends we are using to boost rankings and traffic. best example of changing rule is-Twitter and other social networks..which are truly helping businesses increasing brand popularity and traffic as well…



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