How is 2009 going for you?

In a recent survey of Australian business owners, these are the results. If your year is trucking along OK, that’s great! Otherwise, take a day off, replan and make a fresh strategy.
If you don’t have a website, get one. If you have a website, optimise it. Using low cost marketing methods which work will get your business out of the blues faster than ever

21.1% Going bonkers

35.5% Trucking along ok

26.3% A little bit scary

17.1% Freaking me out

Anup Batra
Anup Batra
My name's Anup Batra. I'm an engineer with an MBA and fourteen years of experience in web development, Google Adwords and online marketing. I have recently developed a revolutionary system for multi-channel marketing. Get in touch with me to find out more!

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