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How to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile

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How to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile: Fo’ Max Effect!

Just like you can pimp a ride, you can also pimp your social media profiles to make them more attractive, and eventually bank some mo’ skrilla!

Linkedin is the social media of the professional world. More and more people everyday are using this service for professional self-promotion, communication, networking and employment and recruitment purposes.

Here is a short guide to help you pimp your LinkedIn profile for maximum effect!

Have a Profile Picture!

Linkedin profiles that have pictures get more views than those without pictures. Make sure that your picture reflects your profession or the company you are representing. For example, a graphic designer might have a different type of picture as opposed to an executive. Whatever your field is, make sure that your picture is at a good angle, has adequate lighting and is not too casual.

Be Proactive!

LinkedIn is full of groups of people who are in the same or similar industries to yourself and who may be potential connections, employers or business associates. These groups often post interesting and relevant links, blogs and sites that may be of interest to you. Another bonus is that you can connect with members of the same group without upgrading your profile to premium!

Share Interesting Things

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you the capacity to “share” specific web content. However, it is best that you share content which is only relevant to your chosen profession and that will appeal to your followers and connections. A freelance writer would be best to share a blog on writing and proofing tips, while someone working in recruitment could post an interesting article about cover letter styles and tips for example.

Turn Off Activity Broadcast

No one likes getting spammed by notifications of every single thing you are up to on LinkedIn. This quickly leads to an un-follow – or worse, a pimp slap! – and the person who just got frustrated with yet another post or share from you and un-followed you could have very well been that vital connection to your next hot role! Turn off this setting and give others a break.

Be Honest

It can sometimes be tempting to embellish, pad the truth or flat out lie about your professional experience or ability to appear to be a attractive and successful and to encourage people to connect with you or employ you. Unfortunately, for you, this type of attitude and behaviour is extremely unprofessional and is not a good foundation for your professional self-promotion on LinkedIn. Honesty is always the best policy, in life and on LinkedIn!

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  • ***John*** says: posted on 12 Aug, 2015

    One good thing about having a LinkedIn profile is that a person can really validate a potential’s credential. Of all the points raised in this article, the last one made so much sense. If I may say, some job applicants are really good in fabricating their job credentials, especially if it was just printed. With LinkedIn, you can easily check if what was written on the profile were true. It can easily show a person’s credential and achievements.

    This professional social network platform also makes is easier for job hunters to look for qualified people. Searching for the right people in a specific job is made easier with LinkedIn because you can just easily key-in keywords. It’s a good online resume database.

    • ***admin*** says: posted on 23 Jun, 2016

      You raise some excellent points, John! We certainly think having a LinkedIn profile gives you an edge. Thanks for sharing!


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