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Make your website search engine friendly

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  • Find out what content users want. You can do this by asking people what they look for, by looking at competitor sites or by doing keyword research
  • Write content in an engaging way. Present your content according to the needs/tastes of your target audience. Talk about them first and then about yourself/your products/services
  • Make your website easy to navigate. Don’t have too many navigation buttons/menus on the homepage. Having a multilayered navigation is good, but remember if people can’t buy/enquire within 3 Clicks of the mouse, they probably won’t
  • Once you have got your content together, make sure it is accesible to the search engine spiders. Also check for any duplicate content anywhere on the web
  • Make your website interactive. Put online quizzes, polls, calculators etc to engage your target audience and personalise the experience

Follow these tips and your website enquiries/sales will increase significantly. If you follow this and it works, shout me a beer :)

If you have any thing else you need to understand, please feel free to talk to one of our SEO Consultants

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