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Online Communities-A very powerful SEO Trend

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If you have an online business, SEO will rapidly increase your website sales. If you have an offline business, SEO will generate enquiries from prospective buyers, which you can then convert into sales. If your site is already optimised for high rankings on a few selected keyphrases, don’t assume that it has achieved it’s potential.

The next challenge after your site has started attracting quality visitors is to build a stream of returning visitors who find your site attractive. Now people won’t keep coming back to your website just because it looks great or has awesome content. They need more than that…….AND THE ANSWER IS,

Build an online community on your site. If you are in the beauty business, start a girl talk forum 😉

If you are in the health business, start a healthy living forum

If you sell Bikes, start a forum for Bikers…………..

Start discussion threads and people will start talking to each other.

Soon the search engine spiders will index the content and LO and BEHOLD, you will start coming up on search results which you never planned for….Your traffic will soar, people will develop a sense of belonging to your website which will create an atmosphere for buying. This is how you can tap the power of SEO & WEb 2.0 to multiply conversions and fire up your business.

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  • ***Alan Williams*** says: posted on 16 Jan, 2009

    This was a very informative article. I will read your blog often.

  • ***Joey*** says: posted on 17 Nov, 2015

    Really MR. Batra your article are so uniques that defines your experience in this online worlds.


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