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Online Marketing Trends…Are you leading?

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Online Internet Marketing is evolving at a rapid pace and new trends are emerging fast. Here is a checklist to find out whether you are on top of the game? If you answer yes to all the 7 questions, you are leading the pack. If you answer yes to 5 or more, you are well on your way, anything less, call our SEO Expert

  • Do your users post content on your website? : User Generated Content is vital for a website. It makes the website a hub of ideas & puts life into it
  • Does your website use smart engagement strategies like web 2.0 or social media? : Web 2.0 is about collaboration and social media is about promoting your site on relevant social communities
  • Does your website have resources valued by your target market?
  • Do you have an email capture and subscription option which you use for permission based marketing?
  • Do you come out with new offers regularly?
  • Do you stay on top of Google Analytics and analyse information which comes out from it?
  • Do you Benchmark your site against competitors and work on improving key metrics?

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