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Optimization: it doesn’t end with Google!

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Being listed well in Google is not the only way to have your website found! Although it does hold a lion’s share of the overall search engine traffic, there are still other ways to be noticed in the maelstrom of content. (SEO is not just about search engines)

Web Directories

A web directory is a compilation of different resources gathered in one place. There is usually a central theme to a directory (eg: Business Blog Directory, AFL Website Directory etc). The site compiles a host of outbound links to other websites that are relevant to its theme.

This allows users to find your website when browsing directories that cover your topic.

The fundamental difference between most directories and search engines is that humans (not search engine crawlers) add links .Most likely the webmasters of the directory will check your site for relevance to the topic before submitting it.

In order to find link directories, a simple “directory” search on Google (X = your theme) should reveal some good places to start. Every approval to for a directory is an extra back-link for you (thus increasing your chances of ranking!).

Some directory examples include:

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