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Promote your Online Store with 3 INSTANT techniques

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1. Collect Information about your cutomers and their buying habits. What are the other websites they visit BEFORE they come to your website? Where do they go AFTER they visit your website?

2. Leverage Google Analytics to find out what are your existing traffic sources, what are the keyphrases through which people land on your website and what are your top exit pages (Any pages with a high exit rate indicate scope for improvement). Compare traffic from keyphrases with overall search volume for those keyphrases. What % of the keyphrase search volume does your website get. If it is less than 2-3%, you are probably not on page 1 for that phrase. If that phrase has a high commercial intent e.g, buy electric guitar melbourne, then use Google Adwords to quickly boost traffic and simultaneously use SEO to drive long term traffic on the phrase.

3. Submit your website to ecommerce directories like Froogle and product review sites visited by your target audience. This will give an INSTANT BOOST to your traffic.

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  • ***steven b*** says: posted on 27 Dec, 2008

    how exactly would you go about finding where your potential customers visit before they come to your website, using a time effecient method?

    personally, if i want to find out anything i will run a survey and offer something for free like an ebook for their participation.

    as for your third point, i like it, i would also like to add that article marketing can also bring fantastic results just like directories can.

  • ***Anup-SEO-Consultant*** says: posted on 01 Jan, 2009

    There are intelligence reports available for finding out upstream and downstream traffic.
    These reports rely on sample data. Running your own survey is a great way of getting informatiom from your visitors but at times we need the info quickly. That is when the intelligence reports come in handy.

  • ***Rob*** says: posted on 14 Jan, 2009

    A market analysis often changes expectations.


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