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Reinventing Internet Marketing, because customer is King

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Internet Marketing has brought many unique benefits to marketing. These include time to market, interactivity and lower cost. This has resulted in widespread adoption of this method with both small and large businesses alike, for whom return on investment is the key.

It includes different methods of online marketing, some which emphasise on search engines and others, which emphasise on direct communication techniques like newsletter marketing, use of blogs/forums and affiliate marketing.

Given the widespread success of this medium, why then do we need to reinvent it?

Are there any areas in internet marketing which need to be refined/redeveloped?

The answer according to me is yes, yes, yes. Everyone seems to be playing a catch-up game. Catch-up with the latest trends, tools and even fads. And this makes me ask people : For What? Is it because your business needs it or is it because you are afraid your competitor is doing something you are not. I see very few companies thinking about their business needs and trying to find an internet marketing solution which is best aligned with them.

I see service providers peddling products : Call any company and most likely these are the answers you will get: I have solution x, y or z available, which one is within your budget. Its really crazy the way people are selling and the way people are buying.

Its time for change, a time to embrace the fact that solutions need to be uniquely tailored to business needs. That before an internet marketing salesman peddles a range of offers, he should examine the companies website/s, current and future direction, optimum strategy and then come up with solutions. This also means that the companies which buy internet marketing should change there mindset from quote hunting to solution searching.

They should be willing to pay for a company to prepare there internet marketing strategy and examine whether there website is ready for SEO. As is SEO the best solution for the company.

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