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SEO Chosen as the no.1 Internet Marketing Method for Recession

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In a recent survey of 400 small businesses, SEO has been selected as the no. 1 Internet Marketing Method for tough economic times.

Reader’s were asked : What will be the top internet marketing methods you select for your business over the next 6 months?

Here are the results of the survey :

SEO : 149 votes

Blogging : 134 Votes

Google Adwords : 107 Votes

Email Marketing : 89 Votes

Social Networking : 86 Votes

Affiliate Marketing : 46 Votes

One can understand that businesses prefer SEO because it generates FREE CLICKS to the website as opposed to PAID CLICKS. Consider a business which is spending $2000/month in paid clicks and other methods of marketing. In one year, this business spends $24000. Every year, it has to pay more because the COST PER CLICK keeps on increasing.  If this business invests $8000 to get it’s site optimised, it will get MORE CLICKS on an ongoing basis at a LESSER COST.

Wouldnt that be a wiser strategy during tough economic times (I would say-any time :) )

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  • ***martha*** says: posted on 22 Nov, 2008

    That’s really sound interesting, now a day the demand of a good SEO expert is also increasing. I’m an SEO and Doing well in this field.


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