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Do SEO with an eye on your Business Goals

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It is important while performing SEO to keep an eye on your business goals. If you need to drive more sales to your website, optimise your website for search terms which make the searcher intent clear e.g, buy toyota cars melbourne is more likely to get targeted prospects than just toyota cars. I meet a number of car dealers who want to come up for just ‘cars’ or ‘toyota’, just because they get large number of impressions on Google for these terms. When I look into their Google Adwords, I find that these keywords have been selected as broad matches. What that means is that when someone searches for any search term related to these, they still find the ad.

Here are a few tips for business owners who want quick SEO results:

  • Select Search Terms Judiciously
  • Focus only on few search terms first
  • Submit XML Sitemaps if they have not been submitted already (If you are not familiar with them, consult an SEO Consultant)
  • Check for errors on your website on Google Webmasters page and fix them
  • Write content yourself or hire an expert SEO Copywriter
  • Have a look at your website analytics to see which are your top exit pages. Redo the content on these pages
  • Make your website interactive. Hire a developer to make some quizzes, tools etc which engage your target audience

These simple steps will yield high returns when your site reaches top search engine rankings for your chosen search terms

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  • ***Nette*** says: posted on 13 Jan, 2009

    Thanks to technology ‘coz there are new and different ways on how to increase website traffic.

  • ***SEO Expert*** says: posted on 15 Jan, 2009

    This is a very useful information and great tips too. I believe that any business websites should keep an eye on their goals and implement effective SEO techniques to get the results they wanted.


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