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Small Business SEO

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Very often, we come across small business owners who want to get high Google rankings on a low budget. My advice to them is, not to go for a fully managed SEO service but to utilise our SEO Consulting services in order to chalk out a plan and then do the work themselves. This saves them money and helps them to get  the high search engine rankings. According to me this is the big difference of successful people. Adapting to situations and achieving results despite the constraints.

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  • ***James*** says: posted on 17 Aug, 2008

    I agree with the fact that small business owners are best served by being taught what to do – and equiping them with the knowledge allowing them to be self sufficient. Most small business owners have to do this sort of thing themselves due to limited and tight budgets.

    For the same reason, I encourage small business owners to use tools to monitor and improve their website rankings


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