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SEO or Google Adwords?

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SEO or Adwords? Business owners and marketers are often in a dilemma as to how much spend they should allocate to SEO & how much to Google Adwords. In my experience, the answer to this question depends on the following factors :

  • How Long has the business been in existence? : If the business has just been launched, I would recommend starting with Adwords and finding out which keywords work best in terms of clicks and conversion. A brand new website takes longer for SEO and it is good to start with Adwords while the website gets some age.
  • What are your marketing goals & whats the budget : If you have cash flow for the next six months, then it is prudent to embark on an SEO campaign. SEO takes a few months to start providing return on your investment, but has longer term benefits.
  • What industry are you in and what’s your strategy : If you are an entrepreneur who wants to dominate his niche, then you need to have a balanced online marketing strategy, which includes SEO, Adwords, Social Media Marketing etc.
  • If you have already been doing Adwords but want to reduce your reliance on it then SEO may be the perfect match for you.
  • If you have tried SEO & could not make it to the top rankings of Google, maybe you need professional help. While getting such help, it will be worth your while to have your adwords & seo campaign managed by one company. There are a number of insights from your SEO campaign which will work for Adwords and vice versa

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