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Dominate SEO Results & Grow your business

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Here is how you can dominate SEO Results and grow your business in any industry :

(These tips are sure to grow your business rapidly. If you have any difficulty with implementing them, feel free to contact our SEO experts)

  • Divide your industry into niches e.g, if you are a real estate broker, you may choose to compete in the first home buyer space in melbourne or investment property in sydney
  • Having defined your niche, optimise your website for it
  • Blog to interested audience
  • Get visible in online communities (know where your buyers are on the internet)
  • Do behaviorally targeted and contextual advertising using google placement targeted advertising and social media
  • Build an opt-in list by providing useful information to people from your niche e.g price trends etc
  • Run contests and promotions on your website that appeal to your people from your geography. These don’t need to be expensive. Even providing a cinema ticket for two or a hot air baloon ride may be exciting enough 😉
  • Create an online referral programme. People in your niche usually know other interested audience
  • Use the power of Google Univeral like Google Local. Make sure you list yourself in in map results

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