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Stimulate my taste buds, Mr SEO

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Hi, I am your search engine spider. You have been feeding me for quite some time now. Thank you for that :)

You offered me food (content, silly 😉 and I have kept indexing you.

BUT NOW, the rules of the game (SEO, silly) have changed. HA HA

Now there are are more webmasters offering me more food. And my taste buds have got tangier. I need fresh food (organic food, You know…it’s what makes me healthier)-unique content, dude

And I need spicy food (recent, contoversial, news breaking content)

Let’s make a deal dude…If you give me some unique content and some newsworthy content, I will look after you…AFTER ALL, Mr SEO, Mr Blogger….You Scratch my Back, and I will scratch yours.

It’s 4.44 AM in the clock, and I am now sleepy…but tomorrow before I come  back, remember…..spruce up your content!

Also, if you want to know more about my tastes, visit the event SEO : What’s Hot, What’s not 

I will tell you what I love, and what turns me away!

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