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When page 1 is not good enough

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Does your website make it to page 1 on Google for a few keywords. How many visitors/month does it result in. Are you still having to spend big $$ in advertising to get sales. Then you suffer from the ‘Mediocre SEO’ syndrome. It is often very costly for the business because spending a high amount of money to make sales reduces the profitability or results in losses. I know of a few business owners who came to the verge of shutting down their businesses because of this. One of them is an ecommerce store which makes $1 mn in sales every year but spends more than 15% of this in advertising costs. After taking out the product costs and overheads, the business is left with less than 10% in net profits. When the business owner decided to invest in SEO with us, we managed to get them rank 1-3 on 20 most important keywords resulting in three times as much sales with half the advertising budget. Now the business makes 35% net profits on a revenue of $3 Mn.

So if your SEO is doing ok, but not Great, get in touch with us to find out if we can be of help.

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