When page 1 is not good enough

Does your website make it to page 1 on Google for a few keywords. How many visitors/month does it result in. Are you still having to spend big $$ in advertising to get sales. Then you suffer from the ‘Mediocre SEO’ syndrome. It is often very costly for the business because spending a high amount of money to make sales reduces the profitability or results in losses. I know of a few business owners who came to the verge of shutting down their businesses because of this. One of them is an ecommerce store which makes $1 mn in sales every year but spends more than 15% of this in advertising costs. After taking out the product costs and overheads, the business is left with less than 10% in net profits. When the business owner decided to invest in SEO with us, we managed to get them rank 1-3 on 20 most important keywords resulting in three times as much sales with half the advertising budget. Now the business makes 35% net profits on a revenue of $3 Mn.

So if your SEO is doing ok, but not Great, get in touch with us to find out if we can be of help.

Anup Batra
Anup Batra
My name's Anup Batra. I'm an engineer with an MBA and fourteen years of experience in web development, Google Adwords and online marketing. I have recently developed a revolutionary system for multi-channel marketing. Get in touch with me to find out more!

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