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Engaging Arrow Internet Marketing was the best decision I ever took’ Andrew

Andrew Hingeley, Director, Kainos Print


Australia’s reputable online printing company that specialises in designing, printing and copying a wide range of print resources.


Kainos Print’s online printing solutions service came to us as all but one of their keywords didn’t even appear in 200 results on Google. A lack of digital dominance meant that they were bowing out even to brick and mortar businesses that had overheard costs unlike purely digitalised printing services like Kainos.

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The brief was simple; Increase visibility of keywords and thus generate website traffic. Driving website traffic was crucial in Arrow’s approach. The campaign focused on identifying gaps in the site structure, article marketing, creating a new blog, online press releases and generating contextual one-way links.Thus, Arrow Internet utilised blogs and forums to drive additional traffic to Kainos’ website.


  • Unique visitors to the website increased by more than 5000 in 6 months
  • Page 1 domination for top keywords
  • 317% Increase in organic traffic

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