Paying too much for ads?
Want more leads?
Wish you could turn those clicks into sales?

Of course you do!

Regain control of your business and start making social media work for you.

Social media advertising is a proven formula to tempt your audience with exactly what you’ve got. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, you have untapped potential sitting behind a screen, scrolling through their newsfeeds every single day – the perfect audience to place your brand, products and services right in front of their very eyes.

Don’t let the world of social media advertising baffle you! When you take advantage of social media, you immediately start to cultivate an audience into attentive, converting, returning customers. With the right tools and tricks of the trade, you can easily use social media to grow your business and take the hard work out of advertising, once and for all.

True or False?

  • I Don’t know how to market my business on social media
  • I Spend too much time on social media with poor outcomes
  • I Lose more money on ad campaigns than I spend
  • I Want to generate more leads with less effort
  • I Need tips on how to spend my time and budget more effectively

Imagine this

You walk into the office tomorrow morning and sit down at your desk. You open your emails and marvel at a string of customer enquires sitting in your messages from overnight. And better yet, you didn’t touch need to pick up a single phone! How good is that?

With the right social media marketing, you don’t have to dream it anymore. At Arrow, we want you to stop chasing leads – it’s time they chased you. Never miss another midnight shopper’s ‘add to cart’ with eye catching Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram carousels generated while you sleep.


Richard Dureau, Manager Accom Assist
Richard Dureau, Manager Accom Assist

Arrow Digital and his fellow workers are very professional, great communicators and work hard to achieve their commitments. I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their website rankings to engage Arrow to get the results.

Lumbini, Mel Finance
Lumbini, Mel Finance

I’ve been working with Arrow since June this year and I love the guys… they focus on more than what my requirement is - they come up with new ideas and things which would achieve my goals.

Alana Parkinson, Marketing Manager, English key
Alana Parkinson, Marketing Manager, English key

As a relatively new business in a hugely competitive market we needed to work with a business that can set the foundation for a successful campaign on limited budget and build it over time as we reinvest. We understand running integrated campaigns across all channels needs expertise, close monitoring and communication which is what we get with Arrow.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear it from our happy clients!



Pure Distilling had a neglected Facebook account, but once they took Arrow’s tips on board, watched their traffic soar to an incredible increase of 568%.


Arrow took Mountain Bread under their wing, and their brand new Facebook account quickly gained 12,000 followers, with an active Pinterest community that engaged in brand competitions averaging 400-500 monthly entries.

The team at Arrow were able to take the leg work out of so many Australian brands’ social media marketing strategies and make the leads to come to them.

Questions about this Seminar?


Now it’s your turn!

With over a decade of helping more than 480 clients generate 10,000 annual qualified leads in 40 industries, the Arrow team knows a thing or two about how to grow a business. To share our pearls of wisdom, we are delighted to invite you to join our Social Media Advertising seminar on Thursday 9th March 2017 from TIME to TIME. During the exclusive half-day seminar, an Arrow social media specialist will teach business owners and marketing managers how exactly to use social media to generate leads streaming into your inbox and make the most of your marketing budget.

Go behind-the-scenes of success with the Arrow Social Media Advertising seminar and uncover the secrets into growing a brand through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ready to watch your sales soar?

Date: 6th April | Time: 9am – 1pm

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